BRIAN KLUTH'S NEW BOOK: Experience God as Your Provider - Finding Financial Stability in Unstable Times

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The logos above represent some of the 270+ media sources that have interviewed Brian or referenced him or his work in an article or news story.

“Brian is easy to talk to and understand.

His presentation is upbeat and enthusiastic.

He is real and our listeners responded very positively to his interview.”

Kelli Thompson – WGNR “New Day” - Moody Broadcasting Network

Brian Kluth is an experienced and popular media guest/expert on a practical and Biblical perspective to finances, provisions, and generosity. 

His media experience includes...

  • Author of 40 Day Journey to a More Generous Life Bible devotional has more than 400,000 copies in print and has been ordered by over 1300 churches to inspire generosity and increase giving.  CBN TV, NBC TV, and WORLD magazine did interviews/stories on the success of this book.

  • Radio speaker for radio stories and eDevotionals have been heard on 200+ stations.

  • TV speaker for 3 years on Truth for Today on Comcast and Lesea Broadcasting Networks.

  • Media expert for the annual survey research on church giving and the View-from-the-Pew  research on personal finances, debt, giving practices of a 1000 Christian households. 

  • Kluth's interviews, articles, and work have appeared in the following media: USA Today, Prime Time America, Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times (front page), Prime Time Chicago, Associated Press radio, National Public Radio, Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, WORLD magazine, Christianity Today, and major newspapers, magazines, and publications.


Here is a list of some SAMPLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS about his new Moody Publisher's book, Experience God as Your Provider: Finding Financial Stability in Unstable Times...

  1. How is this book different than the typical get-out-of-debt or Christian money management books that have been so popular in recent years (Larry Burkett, Howard Dayton, Ron Blue, Dave Ramsey, Mary Hunt)?

  2. How does this book fit into what is happening in our economy today (stock market fluctuations, difficult job market, problems in the banking industry and on Wall Street, big government spending, etc.?)

  3. Is this book just for people out of work or struggling financially OR is this a book for everyone?

  4. In the book, you talk about the fact that God is BIGGER than money, a paycheck, pension funds, or the economy - - while this may be true, what difference what that make in someone’s life today?

  5. In the book, you identify 10 different ways God provides for people, can you mention a few of these ways so our listeners/viewers can better understand what you mean?

  6. You mention that you don’t believe or adhere in the prosperity gospel message, how is this book different than the prosperity gospel message?

  7. You talk a lot about the importance of learning to be generous in this book.  Is that really possible when someone is out of work, a single parent, or in debt?

  8. How did you personally get on the road to learning to see God as your Provider and living a generous life?  Were you always like this?

  9. In the book, you mention that you are a $1/year employee at your church and that every week you and your wife “Count Your Blessings” to see how God provided each week.  How does this work and how does your family make ends meet when you are only promised a $1/year?

  10. You mention in the book that for several years, you lived on a five-figure salary, but gave to God’s work a six-figure amount?  How is that possible and why would you do this?

  11. In addition to the book, do you have any additional audio or video teaching on this topic about God being our Provider?

  12. Is this book only available in print, or can people order an electronic version for their kindle or iPad?  Where and how can they get the book?



Here is a 2-sided bookmark that summarizes the entire book for people (and interviewers)...




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PDF version that

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Brian Kluth

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5201 Pinon Valley Road - Colorado Springs, CO 80919